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Who is qualified for a Christian relationship?

Who is qualified for a Christian relationship?

Everyone is in a relationship as we have seen in my previous article. However, when it comes to some secondary relationships caders like; friendship, dating, and courtship, the church seem to be skeptical about who is qualified for it. And what should be the criteria for marking who is qualified…

Qualifying for Christian relationship is not about turning into a new age. Not about physical maturity neither should it be about academic qualifications.

Because churches tend to adopt a conservative approach in the bid to play save, the Christian relationship in the most scenario has existed in the church more as a hidden or pretentious act in hypocrisy rather than a valued behavior which it is.

However, recently truth has become very accessible; we are in a global and digital world, people have access to information. One can learn from world-renowned teachers and thought leaders with a click.  As such, a better solution would be to x-ray the situation properly.

Criteria for Determining Who is Qualified for a Christian Relationship

There may be no strict guideline spelling out who is not qualified for a Christian relationship. But below in the following subheadings are a highlight on necessary criteria that should be considered.

Relationship With God First

Basically, one is qualified for a Christian relationship if he/she had secured an approvable relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ.

When we have tangible relationship with God, He impacts us with a prove of His presence. His presence in our life is palpable.  Consequently, His love is shown abroad in our heart(Rom 5:5). Only then are we able to share this love with one another.

God draws us together to Himself for privileges of relationship with Him and with one another; for a fellowship with Him and with one another (faffing in UNEC language). Friendship is an extension of such fellowship with one another.

Another reason why we should first have a tangible relationship with God is that people who are without God do not truly understand love and therefore cannot truly understand their role in Christian relationship. 1John4:20.

The point here is: have a tangible relationship with God first.

Progress in Christian Relationship as You Advance in Life

Christian relationship should progress in a gradation through which one intentionally graduates through as he/she progresses in life.

Human relationship is a very subtle, emotional and pretentious act. It is good when it starts with the basic cadres and graduates to the commitment cadres.

That is: from colleagues, membership, neighborhood, etc. to acquaintances-friends-close friends-intimacy before getting defined into Dates-Courtship-Partner.

Wrap Up

Once again, this is not an attempt to make out doctrine on who is qualified for Christian relationship. In all of it, we need to allow God to lead us in what is His perfect will.

Are there other criteria you think should be considered necessary for qualifying for a Christian relationship. Do comment below in the comment box. Let’s share your thought.

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