A REAL MAN; Jesus and the Woman of Samaria(Jn4:1-34)

Who is a real man?

A real man is one who has began to position himself to take responsibilities.

Features of a Real Man

A real man is not afraid to tell the truth(Jesus told her the truth about her life).

A real man will never take advantage of the woman(Jesus didn’t take advantage of her affinity for men).

A real man keeps secrets(Jesus didn’t share her secret with his disciples who were his closest pals).

A real man does not show interest in a woman’s body(for the woman to have had six men, she must have been really gorgeous and attractive but Jesus was not interested in her body).

A real man has a sincere desire to help the woman rediscover their dignity and strength(Jesus cultivated her influence).

A real man is compassionate

A real man is selfless( vs6. Jesus therefore being wearied from His journey, sat thus by the well. Jesus was very tired yet He had time for the woman).

A real man is workaholic(vs32. He said to them, I have food to eat of which you do not know, He was addicted to work).

A real man is passionate about the things of God.

A real man is a priest; he can teach the values of the kingdom; he can teach God’s word.


Be a real man in all sense. That way, we make God proud.


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