God gave power to man and authority but gave the woman influence. Influence determines the direction of authority and power. Success begins when the parties involved in Christian relationships learn to balance these two.

The Samaritan Woman Case Example

The Samaritan woman sought for a real man and she eventually found one because the things you meet in life are the expression of the desires and longings of your heart. What you truly long for you cannot miss.

The real man is the man that God can commit resources to. There’s something God gave the woman strictly to help the man succeed.

This leads us to the questions:
Why did Jesus spend time with the Samaritan woman?
Jesus saw in her an influence he needed in order to conquer Samaria. It’s greatness manifested when a man learns to take seriously the influence of a woman. THE GREATEST THING A MAN COULD DO THEREFORE IS TO CULTIVATE THE INFLUENCE OF THE WOMEN AROUND HIM.

The Adam and Eve Case Example

What God gave Eve to help Adam fulfill purpose was INFLUENCE. The question here would be: why did the serpent choose to tempt the woman instead of Adam?

It is well known that men change their mind easily than women. But why then did the devil choose Eve and not Adam. The reason is clear, it was to the man that God gave the instruction. Adam did not play his part to have Eve buy into the vision. It is the role of a man to sow in the heart of his wife his dreams seeds and water it sufficiently until the dreams are aflame with convictions in her heart. Thereafter, a millionth devil will not be able to deceive her.

The Proverb 31 Man Case Example

A man must understand the importance of building dignity and honor around women. The proverb 31 man cultivated the influence of his wife and released her.

It is in the power of a man to develop the ladies in his life by teaching them the values, the principles that drive you, your likes and dislikes and by telling them your goals and the visions that God has given you. Theirs it is to teach the same to the subsequent generation. Because a woman is an executor. In a family where the wife is not the executor but the man, the woman is subdued; her influence is caged; her relevance is restricted. The first job of the man is to cultivate the influence of his helper!


A powerful man is a factor of the influence he commands. Happy New year in advance!!!


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