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What is Dating?

Dating for the purpose of this article would be defined as spending time with someone who is proud of you, interested in you, respects you, someone you like, loves you, hypes or supports you, boosts your self-esteem, your confidence, your sense of dignity and your joy but in a time when courtship is not yet defined officially.

Let’s begin by noting that both terms courtship and dating are not made mentioned in the bible but there are biblical principles which can act as a guild while relating with the opposite sex.

However, while the church is conversant with the practice of courtship, they often frowned at the idea of dating. This is probably as a result of the world’s view for dating which is unfortunately popular.

The world indeed views dating as a time of many sexual sins.

But no one meets another and immediately for the altar. There is a time to bond, get to know each other better, know their background and attempt to understand their outlook towards life. This time often starts with dating.

There is a need to give and popularize a godly perspective of dating. It is not enough to condemn an act without pointing out the right way. The dating period is a vital stage in a relationship. Is a time when nothing is said yet, everyone is free to act and react.

Studies on divorce have continually pointed out that a great percentage of marital issues were present during the first days of the relationship. People have often ended up in a relationship they aren’t convinced of probably sometimes because of fears; fears of what people would say, fear of losing out, etc.

In order not to end up with issues in marriage, it is pertinent to understand the importance of dating period and implement it godly.

What Dating is not

  • Dating is not a romantic affairs
  • It is not a committed relationship
  • It is not completely an intimate affairs
  • It’s not a time of possessive behavior
  • It is not to pair with multiple opposite sexes indiscriminately.
  • A time for sexual exploration

Dating is

  • A time to bond
  • Know each other character
  • Discover each other’s world view and areas of interest
  • A time to relax, have the moments together
  • A time prior to a committed relationship
  • A time to confirm your faith-based
  • A date could quietly end in honesty while the partners move on still being nice to each other.

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