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In my previous articleI tried to explain that dating should be properly defined to the dictates of the scriptures rather than rule it off as worldly practices. This is necessary following from the many gains obtainable in having the dating period as interludes between intimate friendship and courtship.

Why the Christians Singles can date

The following reasons below describes the deserving gains obtainable in Christian Dating;

  • It is an avenue for personal development, both spiritually and mentally.
  • Makes a good time, leisurely and wonderful.
  • Done well it can lead to good marriage.
  • A time to know each other better and determine if it is wise to progress.
  • The dating period allows the partners to start their relationship in a strong foundation. Many marriages that failed, had collapsed mostly on an issues that had been there from the first stages of the relationship. A healthy dating allows the partners to honestly decide their fate in good time.

Courtesy for Christian Dating

As Christians, we are the salt of the world.

Matthew 5:13-16
13 “You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot.

This means we should influence and teach the world the right way to living by showing God’s mind with regards to the relationship issues. On dating matters, we can do this following these dating Courtesy as outlined below:

  • The two should agree (Amos 3:3 Can two walk together, except they be agreed?). Agreement here includes in expectations, purpose and interest. Singles who loves, respects, cherish, likes each other and above all persons who loves the Lord.
  • One is ready to date when he or she is emotionally, physically, and spiritually mature. Such person should be able to say tell why they need the relationship, where the relationship would head to, their motives for the relationship.
  • Avoid Rushing through the dating period, there is no gain rushing the process and winking on key matters with the claim of love and hope that all would be fine.
  • Dating is a tertiary level of relationship, it connotes some level of commitment. Therefore, dating is permissible for someone who is ready to make a life partner and not just for the fun.
  • Avoid hunting for dates, from places like social media, parties and eluding momentous occasions that doesn’t allow you a proper assessment. Naturally, you can make a date from friends who must have passed the primary stages of relationship cadre with you. N/B: while you could meet a friend anywhere, you should make a date from your friends.
  • Avoid unbecoming behaviour in the date period. This includes behaviors that induces the others emotionally, especially biblical acts. Dress modestly and choose your words properly.
  • However, make your communications spicy, talk less of spiritual topics when in a date.
  • Choose a public place for your dates. Places like the cinema, zoo, restaurants etc.
  • Avoid crowd dating, by this I mean; your date should be a two asides, not a group stuffs. The interest should be mutually exclusive of others but on each other alone.
  • The motives for a date should be to know each other better. Communicate grossly in a fun filled atmosphere of love, leisure, humour and mannered interest in each other.
  • Dating should be started and followed with prayers especially when it is showing green cards. Such green cards includes; makes great times and moments when together, keen attention and interest on each other, etc.
  • A dating relationship should be truncated if it shows yellow or red flags. Such flags like; boring times, unclear motives and purpose for the relationship, conflicting interests etc. Such times it is pertinent to honestly call it over without being harsh or raising dusts.


Its time we stopped shying away from the word dating. Dating is merely an English word until we give it our definition.

Do comment below, let’s share your view.
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