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Is love a waste of time?

Love such as the engrossing, obsessive, elusive, vulnerable, passionate and emotional cloudings is a common sentiment.

When you are in love, including the earlier phase of marriage-the excitement phases; it seems like nothing else counts in life. The clock no longer tickle, the time becomes infinite, the sun no longer rises, the sky seems brighter, life appears rosy, the birds sing more beautifully and the times even tastes better when you have someone to share it.

Contemplation of love is a very opportunity cost for time. Time as a resource in human capital is expended in love contemplations.

This makes love a liability and consumer of useful times at the expense of creative task, innovative adventures, explorative thinking, educative tasks, skills acquisition, growing in knowledge, executions of ideas, idea generation, fellowship with God, restful and refreshing sleeps,…; because one is obsessed with the idea of love.

That love is a waste of timeis a hard truth, though not sacrosanct for all, there are many reservations-many other sides to it where you may want to disagree. In this article, we would explore the both sides.


  • Love is a waste of time when/if one is concerned with finding love than with finding life worthy of love.
  • Love is a waste of time when/if one is not ready with the realities of love and it’s essence.
  • Love is a waste of time when/if one is under-age, a teenager, young youth who is yet to find purpose can obviously not make anything out from love.
  • Love is a waste of time when/if LOVE is conservative and suffocating. Where there’s no space for one’s life.

Why Love Is a Waste of Time

Being engrossed with love is a total time wasting and loss of concentration on the things that would have matter at that time.

Love is a waste of time because it can turn into a Fulltime job. Is it not a full-time job? When do you want to text every day? calls over and again? Getting together and breaking up with one and another over and over? give unsolicited praises? pretends to be an ideal and coolest person? time spent contemplating whether you are still loved? worries? dramas? fight? confusion? many clarifications? frequently dating and hangouts?

How come those are not full-time jobs? Such a time screwing!

Love is a waste of time in the face of its opportunity costpursuit, passion, hunger for God.

Fellowships with God unlike the contrary produces speed to meet up with ones purposeful life pursuit. The contrary, which is the fellowship of an emotional relationship, companionship, gistiology, etc., only whirl away the precious times.

All love is factually not a waste of time neither is love even a waste of time for everyone. However, emphasize is that it is often a distraction and completely unnecessary. After all, how many middle school and high school students marry their sweethearts? Was it really necessary to go through a string of partners during and after school when you are not willing to settle down until you are 25 or 30? What is the point of all that time?

How to avoid the love that wastes time

How do one avoid wasting time in love?
Who would say throw away love. To love, to be loved is God. We always meet each other with smiles, for the smiles is the beginning of love. True as it is-the best relationship are the ones you never saw coming. It just emerges.

To avoid wasting time in love and the love that wastes time, one cheap advice is; don’t donate emotions before life pursuit.

The second like it is; don’t make the relationship suffocating.

This way, time spent loving someone is never a waste because no matter where they end up, or where you end up, people never forget those who loved them. YEA, when the fog clears, people recognize the difference between those who loved them and those who didn’t.

When love is not a waste of time

  • Love is not a waste of time when/if life and love agree together.

You can have a beautiful life without marriage/love. This is important and should be taught in the churches.

Presently, the church is marriage-oriented. When they announce a marriage ceremony-is like heaven is announced, when they are praying for a lady-no need for discernment, they already know the proper prophecy to give-of the dream man.

There is an over-emphasize on marriage.This needs to be de-emphasizied.

We could just live life and let love fall where it may. But our impatient and fears will not let us. And as we are wasting so much time trying to find it, and especially as we do, life is passing us by.

  • Love is not a waste of time when/if LOVE is unconditional and selfless.

How to know you are ready to Love

  • When you have a healthy expectations of love. Not as it is shown in the Hollywood.
  • When you have a realistic concept of love
  • When you have built a positive attitude and outlook toward life
  • When you have built the ability to communicate your feelings and to attend to another’s feelings.
  • When you have built a good spiritual foundation and goals.
  • When you are ready to accept responsibilities.
  • When you are ready to handle the emotions. The emotions doesn’t die-it is still there in true love.
  • When you have built good tolerance.
  • Readiness to handle life crisis, uncontigencies.
  • Strong willed to take up tasks and challenges.
  • Readiness to marry one’s goals and another’s together.
  • Readiness to manage one’s and another’s character.
  • Financial readiness.
  • When you have grown in wisdom, fortitude and sustainability beyond financial dependency.
  • Courage over fears of the unknown and insecurities.
  • Bendable. After you have built all this, still being teachable, humble, and not being stiff in ensuing circumstances.

Since love cannot be the focus of life dreams, Love should come after one have got what it takes to be a partner, keep a home and be a help to another as well as to oneself.

The bible is explicit about what should engross us, the kingdom of God. Thus, don’t be in pressure amidst. A good pressure is pressure towards God’s given purpose.

But no. Our fears won’t let us. We just want it-LOVE like in the zeeworld.


LOVE is not a waste of time infatuation is.

Relationships too are not waste of time, it’s unready and unrealistic claims to love.

Love as a feeling is best when it is true and worst when it is fake.

Do share your thought
Grace to you.

My acknowledgement goes to Udochi Agomou for the inspiration to this article.


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