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Living a love life naturally requires an understanding of the importance of honouring one another.

Dissimulation as used in the bible verse of Romans 12:9, depicts love that has preference, ulterior motives, love that is shown for a momentous reason. Or acting up, forming, biased, with respect of man. It also meant love in pretense. A very good example of such love expression is romantic love.

Understanding the concept of friendzone

What is friendzone?

Even though the origin and usage of the word friendzone is applied to the place of guys in relation to their ladies friend, I would use friendzone in a rather bidirectional approach. This means; friend zoning can be obtained from any of the male-female side.

Thus, for the purpose of this article, friendzone is defined as an act of initiating and sustaining a friendship relationship with another by continually acting in a friendly manner to the person, probably because you like them or you don’t have the courage to behave the otherwise.

It is also used to



The call to the kingdom life is a call to discipleship. Is a call to receive the fullness of God in Christ. Discipleship is the learning of the life of Christ. Discipleship is the call away from natural life

How Do You Know A Perfect Person For A Committed Relationship?

We come across many persons in life. We often have so many persons in our lives too. How do we know the perfect person for a committed relationship?

Every relationship should consciously be instituted with the mindset of being committed to each other. We have tried to define what commitment in a Christian relationship connotes in my previous article.

Praying Through

Praying Through entails a lot on the edges of answered prayer, fervent prayer, effective prayer, etc. For instance, it entails obtaining the answers to our petition, it entails pressing further and holding up in prayers, it also entails touching the presence of God and being impacted of His Glory in the course of the fellowship.


The church is marriage oriented-a lady walks into the church to worship God- the pastors are rather interested in prophesying to her for the perfect man. Publications about marriage in the church are celebrated like one who has made it in life. Lots of ‘marriage are good messages’ like this doesn’t allow believers to see marriage as an institution of responsibility but rather as a place for fanfare.

Our society is so programmed in such a way that it yearns to live people’s lives for them. There’s an imaginary timeline it draws for her members. For instance, in Nigeria, once a youth is done with tertiary institutions or at most after serving the fathers land in NYSC, such person is thought to be ready for marriage.


Many Christian brothers miss their opportunities with a lady they love due to inappropriately redefining and progressively specifying their relationship statues. In most cases, many brothers are always patiently prayerfully waiting for the perfect times and the preparedness to settle down as a prerequisite for making this move.

However, Ladies do not only watch and wait for their guys defining words like to ask them out. But they also often have other guys who unfortunately are more desperate and pressing about what they want.

It is an overly assumptions to think that a lady is with you because she is playing along.


Leading a satisfactory discussion in a Christian relationship can be quite an art that requires deliberate acts.

While one may enjoy unlimited satisfaction conversing with some categories of their close ones, there are often the other categories where the words and stuffs to talk about seem to cease. And these categories are often the ones we would have wanted to spend the whole day conversing with. For instance, discussions between two new friends, or conversations with one’s significant other, etc.

26 Bible verses on importance of Christian Relationships

One of the greatest vessels for nurturing a man into maturity is the parts played by other persons. God places people in our path and us in theirs so that we might be a blessing to each other. Thus, the purpose in building friendship should be to encourage, lift up, correct and help build the Grace in each other. And to do all we can to assist them in achieving their dreams.

Relationship is very potent for a successful journey of life. As such, the principle of Christian relationship is as well valuable as other common principle like financial principle, academic principle, etc. These we see in the following bible verses that itemize the importance of Christian Relationships;