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26 Bible verses on importance of Christian Relationships

One of the greatest vessels for nurturing a man into maturity is the parts played by other persons. God places people in our path and us in theirs so that we might be a blessing to each other. Thus, the purpose in building friendship should be to encourage, lift up, correct and help build the Grace in each other. And to do all we can to assist them in achieving their dreams.

Relationship is very potent for a successful journey of life. As such, the principle of Christian relationship is as well valuable as other common principle like financial principle, academic principle, etc. These we see in the following bible verses that itemize the importance of Christian Relationships;

TIMES TO BE SINGLE AT HEART The Errors in Thinking Who to Marry

A retrospection through the fantasy of the pre-adult phase of my life, when I’d often find myself with friends of likeminded rehearsing on who we would love to marry future. Sometimes we even mentioned names; funny memories they are.

More fantasy yet was in my early adulthood. I could still see myself encumbered by the thought of who to marry. I’d have a lot of mind swing. Today, I’m well pleased by Sister



True beauty lies not in looking good, but in being good. To be truly beautiful, the necessary parameters are qualities of love, kindness, joy, peaceable, compassion, forgiveness and honesty. These are not common, as compared to external adornment, and hence are rarer to come by.

A beautiful woman is a woman that is full and empowered in the Holy Ghost. A woman with a life that encourages inspires and empowers others. A confident woman satisfied in her uniqueness and focused in making a difference and leading others in the light of her uniqueness.