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The Turn of Blogging in 2019

Blogging in 2019 has gone beyond writing a post regularly to writing a post that is well optimized for search engines. Posts that meet up with the search terms of queries on search engines. It has also gone beyond posting news updates. In 2019 also, ROI is no longer a measures of site viewership. To blog in 2019, one need authentic contents that would make for a high search engine ranking. In 2019 thus, CONTENT IS THE KING! Such content and how to present it to the target audience requires articulated skills and hi-tech software tools.

Secondly, besides making a good content, in 2019 successful blogging requires some marketing skills. Especially, social media marketing strategies and email marketing strategies.
If you’re already a good writer and you want to become a good blogger, you need to add some marketing skills to your resources.

In the same vane, there is need for at least an average skills in users experience and awareness on the usage of some basic tool sets.

Thus, a successful blogging in 2019 requires spending more time creating useful content and beautifully promoting the same to the right audience.