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While sexual purity is a deliberate choice to refrain from sexual activities outside marriage, sexual impurity is both a conscious and unconscious acts in sexual activities by an individual who is easily overtaken by sexual urge.

TIMES TO BE SINGLE AT HEART The Errors in Thinking Who to Marry

A retrospection through the fantasy of the pre-adult phase of my life, when I’d often find myself with friends of likeminded rehearsing on who we would love to marry future. Sometimes we even mentioned names; funny memories they are.

More fantasy yet was in my early adulthood. I could still see myself encumbered by the thought of who to marry. I’d have a lot of mind swing. Today, I’m well pleased by Sister

WHY DO CHRISTIANS IN RELATIONSHIP LIE TO EACH OTHER? Keys to Building Trusting Relationships Among Christians.

While people may lie in relationship for selfish reason, most other times, people in relationship actually lie with the thought to protect the relationship. Yet, it’s probably safe to assume that every Christian wants a relationship that is built on openness, loyalty and trust. It is also safe to assume that one could clearly believe everything that comes out of another’s mouth once it is a Christian relationship!

BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS AMONG CHRISTIANS How, And Why Should Christains Celebrate Their Birthdays?

Someone’s Birthday is tagged to be a day that is an exact day of the months, in which the person was born, in every preceding year. It is always observed with a spirit of celebration and gratitude to God. In most places, it is associated with such activities like a joyful birthday songs, cutting of birthday cakes, lighting candles, receiving gifts, birthday cards and wishes/prayers from loved ones.

Birthday celebration has quite become a global practice.. However, it is one of the big controversy across the various Christian denominations. Just in the same light with other Christian celebrations like Christmas, mother’s day, etc.. So, it is not strange to see some schools of thought disposing the acceptance of birthday celebrations as a normal Christian practices.


Love is Christian. Christian is love. Valentine is an English word that mean ‘an expression of love, especially romantic love, usually in the form of greeting card, gift, or message given to a person the object of affection, especially on February


Continuing with the series on covenant relationship, the friendship of David and Jonathan highlights enormously the terms that compose the content of what constitutes covenant relationship. There would be no where in the church where the subject of friendship is being discussed that references would not be made to David and Jonathan’s. There doesn’t seem to be a godlier example of friendship in the Bible.

COVENANT RELATIONSHIP I I: Daniel and his three Friends.

The case of Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego is another biblical examples of Covenant relationships that is completely Divine. Theirs is a highlight of Proverbs 18:24 ‘a friend who sticks closer than a brother’. The Divine factor in their relationship is most overwhelming in the various ways God used them to show King Nebuchadnezzar and the entire Babylonians that God is great and the only God .

CAN WE GO BACK TO THE GOOD OLD DAYS? Marking the Time Between the Old and the New Dispensation in Christain Relationships!

Introduction Living in the 21st century all by itself is a challenge by defaults! There is a need for a redefinition of a lot of concepts and ideas(paradigms) to stand … Continue Reading CAN WE GO BACK TO THE GOOD OLD DAYS? Marking the Time Between the Old and the New Dispensation in Christain Relationships!


Ladies take guys word too seriously. Guys can say something now and tomorrow they’ve forgotten; Especially when under influence. Though they are not like ladies that are influenced by biological cycles They still have their own cycle_like success, failure, happy mood, loneliness(especially), crisis and idleness too. Daughter: So true
Someone can pray for oneself; I used to pray and try to be friends to people like they are my siblings. And learn to feel free when people say words like: ‘I love you’. Just say ThANK YOU, That’s one way to show is nothing. To say I love You actually is nothing is just because we are in an African setting. Daughter: Yes ooh! Our society made it so as you say. Father: When one loves YOU he goes beyond the words to make it work. Love is meant to be expressed and not merely confessed. However when ladies say I ‘love you’. It means a lot so they hardly say it.
Life of relationship is like a Ladder, Everyone is trying to reach up. So the realities that Someone will be aiming to have the expression of his love accepted by another somewhat higher While someone somewhere lower is wishing to have him take his love expression. The implication of this is on the ladies whose integrity it is to say yes. A lady must not give herself cheaply to any guy… That does not imply doing preventive shakara. But it does mean not falling for a guy/putting your heart in it until he proves and makes it work.